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The Snazzy FX Ardcore is a Eurorack Modular synth module based around the Arduino development environment. Which means it can quickly be reprogrammed to be pretty much any type of module you would want. Use it to process audio and CV or to control a computer or Processing Sketch.

Dan from Snazzy FX  is based right here in Brooklyn and stopped by to show off a ton of the ARDcore sketches available, including one I hadn’t seen before: controlling a Processing Sketch from your modular!

Use can use these links to jump straight to some featured Sketchs or check out the whole video below:
FM Oscillator
Drum Sampler
With the Chaos Brother
Controlling Processing Sketches
SH101 Style Sequencer
Sequencer Running at Audio Rate
Voltage Controlled Envelope
CV Quantizer

All of this is based on a really powerful platform originally developed by Darwin Grosse.

For more info and ARDcore Sketches check out:

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